David Sampson Recordings

Reflections on a Dance. American Tribute: Summit Brass, 1991. Summit Records.

In Memoriam: WES. Diveritmento: The Aspen Wind Quintet, 1991. Bay Cities Records.

Our Father’s Road: A Cantata for a New Sweden. Jersey Sessions Volume 2 Vinland Duo, 1991. Composers Guild of New Jersey.

Morning Music. New American Brass American Brass Quintet, 1992. Summit Records.  Morning Music sample

The Mysteries Remain.Trumpet in our Time: Raymond Mase, 1993. Summit Records.

Solo.Trumpet in our Time: Raymond Mase, 1993. Summit Records.

Canzona. Gershwin to Sousa: Solid Brass, 1994. Joseph Grado Signature Recordings.

Morning Music. Five: Meridian Arts Ensemble, 1996.

Distant Voices. Premier!: American Brass Quintet, 1996. Summit Records.

Short Stories. New Winds: Dorian Wind Quintet, 1998. Summit Records.  sample

Solo. Candeza: Lutz Mandler, 1999. Bayer-Records.

Triptych for Trumpet and Orchestra, Simple Lives, Hommage JFK, Three Portraits for Tuba and Chamber Orchestra, Monument. Monument: Raymond Mase, Scott Mendoker, Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, 1999. Summit Records. sample

Serenade, Sonata 40, Strata, Dectet. Dectet: Raymond Mase, Scott Brubaker, American Brass Quintet, Wihan Quartet, Afflatus Wind Quintet. 2005. Albany Records. sample